Friday, September 2, 2011

Layered Drinks

I made this for my Bunco group last night. It was so much fun to make and really easy, yummy and so pretty!


3 different colored drinks each with different sugar content. For example 30g, 15g, 0g.


Put a little ice in the bottom of your cup, about 1/3 full. Fill cup 1/3 full with the drink with the highest sugar content. Fill the cup the rest of the way with ice. Be sure it is completely full with ice. Slowly, over the ice, pour the drink with the next highest sugar content about 2/3 full. Then using the drink with the least sugar, pour, again slowly, over the ice to the top.

Some examples of drinks I've used:
Bottom layer; Mt. Dew Voltage (blue), Mt. Dew Code Red (red), Sunkist (orange), Cherry Crush (red)
Middle layers; Gatorade G2 series (any color), Powerade (any color)
Top layer; Sprite Zero (clear), Gatorade Low Calorie (any color)

Surprisingly, even with all the different flavors you can have and mix together, they all seem to go really well together and don't taste weird. :) Also if you want to watch a video on how to do this check out this web site.

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