Monday, January 30, 2012

Bacon Wrapped Chicken Bites

 Oh. my. deliciousness.  These are soooo good!  Seriously, anything wrapped in bacon would be pretty good in my opinion, but I really liked the chicken. Waaay better than lil' smokies. My boys were dipping them in soy sauce.  Whatever.  They always have to change the recipe. :) haha

1 pkg bacon
3-4 chicken breasts (mine were really small, so I used 4)
1/3 cup brown sugar

Cut up chicken into bite-sized chunks.  Cut bacon in half, wrap around chicken pieces and secure with a toothpick.

Line a cookie sheet with aluminum foil. (Trust me, you'll want to do this.  Very messy.)
Set bacon wrapped chicken bites on cookie sheet, and sprinkle brown sugar over the top.

Bake at 325 F for 45 min.  I wanted mine crispier, so after 45 min, I turned the oven to broil for about 5-10 minutes.  Perfect!


Lady Behind The Curtain said...

I love your recipe! Perfect for Superbowl! Would you come over to Cast Party Wednesday and share it?
I hope to see you there!

Beth said...

Thank You! Just linked up over there - I love your site. :)


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