Friday, August 14, 2009

Pomegranate Holiday Salad

Here's one more great salad recipe from the sister in law with the spinach salad. (Sorry no picture again, but it's really good)!

1 large raspberry jello made to pkg. directions
mashed banana
drained crushed pineapple
diced apple
pomegranate seeds

Make jello and add fruit and seeds. Pour half in bowl and refrigerate until nearly set. (If you leave the other half on the counter it won't set up until you need it.)

6 oz. cream cheese
cool whip
sour cream
sugar to taste

Mix other ingredients together and spread on top of jello. (Use cool whip and sour cream to taste and consistency that you like with the cream cheese--that's why there is no amount listed for them--it should be spreadable like any cream cheese/whipped cream mixture.)

Add other half of jello mixture and allow to set up in refrigerator.

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Nikki said...

YAY more recipes! Thanks Susan :D I love trying new stuff


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